sensual marble   richard jaworowski
sculptor of dreams

The Sensual Shape: the Sculpture, Carving, and Drawings of Richard Jaworowski

A Collector's Appreciation


"The realization of beauty with no need of definition, and the desire to touch and explore each piece, are reactions I desire."
Richard Jaworowski


I have known the artist for over 30 years, and I had the pleasure of giving Richard a marble commission in 1986. My only instructions were that it be a free form marble piece, and that it remain untitled. I am proud to say that twenty years later I now have 5 of Richard's marbles in my collection, along with several pen and ink drawings.

Richard's work adds a power and a presence to any locale, be it office, home or garden. To say that his work resonates with an inherent power is an understatement. It is always a pleasure to watch my guests when they inspect one of Richard's marble sculptures up close for the first time, it almost demands to be touched and caressed, yet they are not sure if that is proper or allowed. It is more than proper, it is encouraged!

I hope you enjoy the galleries, they have a fine selection of images detailing the power and beauty of Richard's work. If you decide to purchase your own piece you will not be disappointed, it carries with it a lifetime of enjoyment and affirmation.

entryway marbleMarble in my entryway

                                          pen and inkPen and Ink Drawing









TK Nolan

California 2007